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Dr. Stephanie provides a variety of services.  Trained in couples therapy, premarital programs, family therapy, child therapy, and divorce mediation, she provides conflict resolution and facilitation services in a nonjudgmental environment.  As always, Dr. Stephanie seeks to put your family first. Her programs are individualized to your family's needs.  She can meet with you for a 45 minute session, weekly or bi-weekly. Or she can meet with your family for two hours, a half or full day.

For couples in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Stephanie provides the services for a variety of family needs.  For instance, many individuals do not realize they are suffering from depression or anxiety until their life feels out of control and they reach out for help.  Isolation only increases depression and anxiety whereas seeking support can decrease it greatly.  As part of psychotherapy, if a client and I decide it may be beneficial, some family or marriage therapy sessions are also completed to help a client to heal from depression or anxiety.  Most of my clients come to understand that their symptoms are often the cause of relationship and family problems, sometimes family sessions can be very useful. 

Many residents of the Baltimore area take advantage or my mediation services. Mediation is a voluntary problem-solving process, available to assist divorcing couples work out a mutual agreement on the issues which must be resolved in any divorce: parenting, support, and the division of property.  Mediation is for couples who have made a decision to divorce, couples who are unsure whether to divorce, but who want a separation, and couples in post decree disputes.  I have assisted numerous families in coming to a settlement agreement.  With mediation, you get to have more control over the decisions of your life. 

I help Baltimore residents with premarital and dating challenges. For Premarital Counseling, I ask couples to complete the PREPARE Inventory.  PREPARE is an individualized test that helps each couple identify potential areas for future disagreement and conflict so disagreements can be proactively resolved in advance.  Couples are also taught conflict resolution skills.  In addition, premarital couples are encouraged to address any concerns, fears, or problems before their wedding day so they can feel very confident and sure before saying “I Do.” 

As a marriage therapist it Baltimore MD area, I am a member of the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists. I am in the business of doing all that I can to save marriages!  What this means is that I am a Pro-Commitment Marriage Therapist.  Except for situations where there is abuse, substance abuse, or infidelities that cannot be resolved, I am committed to helping promote your marriage or relationship.  Couples often worry that I will take sides during relationship coaching, however it is important to remember that I am on no one’s side.  I am on the side of your relationship! You know the term “it takes two to tango.”  I want to help both of you make necessary changes to improve your relationship.

One of the joys of my life is helping couples save their marriages. I get sentimental just thinking about some of the couples who came to me on the brink of divorce who have successfully achieved making their marriage work.  What a blessing it is to their children, their parents, their extended family, and their community when their marriage is happy and whole. I believe that when couples are working together as a team, they reap one of life's greatest benefits: that of a lasting partnership. They also give their children a treasured and precious gift.  I often use a program called ENRICH to help couples who want to create a better marriage

One of the great passions of my life is helping children.  My training internships in Cheyenne, Wyoming and in San Antonio, Texas were doing therapy with children and teens. I also work with a number of clients in the Baltimore MD area.  I use a combination of child play therapy (meeting alone with a child) as well as family therapy (meeting with the parent and child together) and parenting coaching (meeting with the parents alone) when I am helping children and families.  As a child therapist, I am goal focused towards ending the problems you are noticing in your child.
Before starting child or play therapy, my standard procedure is to do an evaluation of your child. If you think your child may have ADHD, depression, anxiety, or any other mental health problem, then I complete a thorough evaluation of those problems in addition to other problems.

One of the common reasons parents in the Baltimore, MD are bring their children to me is because they are having behavior problems. After ten years of working with families and children, I have developed a program to help parents stop these behavior problems. Essentially, all behavior problems and acting out are really just different versions of the same thing. Tantrums can include not only the traditional picture most people commonly think of a child screaming and wailing in order to get their way. Tantrums also include badgering, whining, defiance, not listening to directions, talking with disrespect, and teenage rebellion such as truancy and drug use.

If your child is defiant and acting out, then I can help you make positive changes to stop your child’s tantrums. If your child has developed a serious behavior problem, you may feel helpless and believe that the problems are caused by your child. Although your child is clearly a part of the problem, in reality, so are you. You have more power to stop tantrums than you realize. It is possible!

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