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Therapy for Individuals

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Self?

In just 4-6 sessions Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Improve Your Self-Confidence, Decrease Depression Symptoms, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, or Resolve Past Traumatic Experiences.

Family Therapy

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Children or Parents?

In just 4-6 sessions Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Fix Problems, Improve Communication, and Have Fun Together Again.


Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Significant Other?

In just 4-6 sessions or via online class Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Improve Your Intimacy, Decrease Fighting, and Repair Relationship Problems Including an Affair.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Repairing Your Relationships in Your Workplace or Business

Dr. Stephanie provides consultation with business leaders and small business owners to improve communication and repair conflicts between members of a work team.

Relationship Repair for Couples by Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr


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Satisfied Customers

“My husband’s Relationship Repair counter is always open for business! I am so shocked that after Dr. Stephanie’s s Relationship Repair seminar, he’s now willing to listen and talk just like he would at a corporate meeting! Ultimately, we are giving each other the same respect we give to those at our jobs. Relationship Repair works!”

Catherine W.

IT Professional

Being here was so much fun. I am so ready to open my Relationship Repair Counter™ with my coworkers – and to see the outcomes and results that we are going to have on our projects!

Brenda Barbosa

“As someone who works with a lot of people in my organization, I came away from Stephanie’s Keynote with so many practical tools and principles. Her Relationship Repair Program will completely change the dynamics of your team.”

Walt Hampton

“What I like about the Relationship Repair Counter is it’s an image that I can bring to mind when I am having a difficult conversation and it helps me to remember that I want to build the relationship rather than break it down.”

Christine Stebbins Dahl

Attorney, Law Office of Christine Dahl

“Stephanie has so eloquently been able to put things together. Something we use every day… using customer service strategies helped my wife and I in our relationship immensely just being able to open up the lines of communication in our marriage.”

Chuck and Karen

Small Business Owners

“Dr. Stephanie has developed an outstanding, warm, and professional Relationship Repair Keynote. Attending Relationship Repair gave many couples powerful tools as Stephanie engagingly presented with much wit, professionalism and openness. Stephanie’s teaching style was inviting and seemingly appreciated by both husbands and their wives. We enjoyed her teaching and presentation style immensely and would gladly attend another presentation.”

Merlene Blair-Brown

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Owings Mills, MD


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