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We are always looking for new therapists to join our team in the Metro DC area.

Many of our therapists learn how to start their own Relationship Repair Shop location or join one of our current locations. We work from a group practice model.

Pay ranges from $30,000-$60,000 per year part time and $50,000 – 80,000 per year full time depending upon level of experience, licensure, and number of hours worked.

Dr. Stephanie’s Mission Statement

When applying for employment, please review the Mission statement and be prepared to discuss in your interview.

Associates will support healthy and nonviolent relationships within a Democratic Society. 


Associates will encourage clients to have civil discourse with other family members and citizens that is free from name-calling, verbal and mental abuse tactics, threatening language, or the intimidation of other Americans who might have differing beliefs.   


Associates will encourage clients to use their liberty and freedom for the purpose of self-determination.  We encourage clients to take on the personal responsibility to work towards achieving their personal, relationship, and economic goals.  


Associates will always recommend against the corporal punishment of children; corporal punishment will not be normalized or accepted as a form of discipline against children within the American family.  

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