My husband’s Relationship Repair counter is always open for business! I am so shocked that after Dr. Stephanie’s s Relationship Repair seminar, he’s now willing to listen and talk just like he would at a corporate meeting! Ultimately, we are giving each other the same respect we give to those at our jobs. Relationship Repair works!

Catherine W.

IT Professional

Dr. Stephanie has developed an outstanding, warm, and professional Relationship Repair Keynote. Attending Relationship Repair gave many couples powerful tools as Stephanie engagingly presented with much wit, professionalism and openness. Stephanie’s teaching style was inviting and seemingly appreciated by both husbands and their wives. We enjoyed her teaching and presentation style immensely and would gladly attend another presentation.

Merlene Blair-Brown

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As someone who works with a lot of people in my organization, I came away from Stephanie’s Keynote with so many practical tools and principles. Her Relationship Repair Program will completely change the dynamics of your team.

Walt Hampton

More Anonymous Comments:

Excellent presentation, very helpful. Speaker was great!

“Helped motivate me to become a better leader after the class.”

This seminar had plenty of examples to make the point!

Presenter kept the session flowing!

“I liked the idea of having a relationship service counter.”

Remembering the 5:1 Ratio is a helpful tool I will use in my future communication.

I liked the activities and interaction of the seminar.”

“Very good speaker!”

Easy to understand.

I liked the open discussion and quick pace of this seminar.”

“I learned that good leaders manage their own stress.”

I liked learning more about reflective listening.

“I was given realistic ideas that I can implement.”

“Very good. Insightful instructor.”

“The speaker was very personable and pleasant.”

“I liked the idea of having a relationship service counter.”

“All the tools presented were very helpful for when I become a manager.”

“Thank you Stephanie!”

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