Darn, That Feels Good!

As part of my own self-care, I went to see my therapist this morning.  Yes, you heard that right!  Part of the ethics code for a therapist is to see their own therapist when going through life transitions.

I haven’t been to see my own therapist for about five years… And, afterwards I thought, “Darn, That Feels Good!”

I was able to talk about what I wanted to talk about for a whole hour ?

It reminded me of the power of a therapeutic conversation.  Two people face to face – one giving emotional, spiritual guidance and love to the other.   It’s not that we don’t have healing conversations at other times in our life with our friends and family.

But this is different – partly because you can completely rely on it.  You know that person is going to be there for you to listen – they aren’t going to start getting caught up in their own problems and their own life and forget to give you emotional support.  You don’t have to worry that they might get triggered or hurt or angry with you…

And then there are the therapy goals.  I defined my current goals.  They are notably different than when I went to therapy in my 20’s and 30’s.  Every developmental life stage is different…

Achieving goals and personal change is part of therapy.

So, here’s my question to you?

If you are going through stuff without a therapist (and you probably are), what’s holding you back from getting started?  If you think there are financial or scheduling barriers, maybe you could try completing our Online Registration Form – we will get back to you with a quote regarding cost as well as some available times that might just work with your schedule!  Perhaps the barriers are not what you think…

If you do have a therapist, are you making progress towards your goals?

If not, I would suggest you have a conversation with your therapist and re-visit your goals as well as what your next steps are to achieve them.  Don’t let your therapist off the hook!

Or yourself for that matter!

You deserve to work towards personal success – whatever that looks like for you.  Everyone needs time in their life to receive listening, support, and love.



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