Do You Need Some Time for Self-Care???

As you know from my homepage at, we promote repairing your relationship with self.

Every so often this means some self-care in addition to whatever therapy you are doing.  After all, it’s tough to focus on yourself without some TLC and pampering.

Today, I am reflective of the importance of self-care after a much-needed day off.  I still took care of some business appointments later in the day, but this morning I had time for kickboxing, sitting in the sauna, a healthy lunch (Southwest Chicken Wrap), and then some shopping for a pair of new fall boots and jeans.

I must plan my self-care on a weekday when my boys are in school, because on the weekend they want my attention and there is always stuff on the calendar!

Most of my days are filled to the brim between household duties, parenting activities, seeing clients and running the business.  But this past week I have been getting a little grouchy.  Yesterday I snapped someone’s head off when I shouldn’t have.  It was time for a day off.  Fortunately, I had planned a day without seeing clients today – I was going to use it to get caught up on administrative work but opted instead for a Mental Health Self-Care Day.

A huge sigh of relief when I woke up this morning and remembered it was a day off.  I found myself singing along to a tune by later in the morning.  Throughout the day, I noticed negative thoughts popping in my head that have been plaguing me.  I cleared them out, wrote them down, and planned out what I would like my positive thoughts to be starting ASAP.

Self-care can mean different things to different people.  But the goal is about re-connecting with yourself instead of taking care of others or working.  Here is my Top 10 List!

  1. Heated yoga, Zumba, cycling, an exercise class, or walking outside
  2. Eating a healthy lunch or dinner at a restaurant (I have no problem sitting by myself and thoroughly enjoy my own company)
  3. Reading a few chapters of a good book (non-therapy related)
  4. Browsing in Target (without kids or a deadline)
  5. Organizing a closet or space in my home that hasn’t been touched in a while
  6. Journaling and writing down my thoughts
  7. Hot stone massage therapy (have you tried?)
  8. An episode of Law & Order SVU (new or old)
  9. Baking a batch of M&M Monster cookies
  10. And of course, the best self-care = New boots ?

I am feeling much better, ready to take on another few weeks of the Metro DC rat race.

How about you?  When will you be able to make a little time for self-care and what’s on your top 10 list?

If you need to re-focus on yourself, changing out your negative cognitions, and reducing your stress and anxiety, reach out to one of our Relationship Repair Associates today!



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