For All of You Social Media Lovers…

My new summer intern is Mandi Bhatt.  She is a college student at George Washington U – and she is back in Laurel for the summer.  She is pretty excited about starting my first Instagram account last week.  As a middle age person, I am not familiar with Instagram.  I have just finally gotten pretty good at doing everything Facebook.  And updating my Linked In keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list!   How could I possible keep up with the younger crowd on Instagram???

In any case, Mandi is creative and makes these amazing little pictures (see below) with quotes on them from my blog and my book, and from her conversations with me – LOL – and posts them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  If you want some inspiration from my heart to yours, you should follow me.

She makes sure that my blog posts are also on social media, and some other good stuff that will be helpful for all you working on yourself and your relationships:)

Plus, you can look forward to a weekly Live class on a topic that I am getting requests for.  Stay tuned for my first Live Broadcast going out later this month…

If you have a short class on something you would like me to teach more about (without you having to pay for it in therapy), please feel free to engage on social media with your request or send me a private email.




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