Going Unplugged … Together!

Can you imagine what would happen between you and your significant other if you spent 3-4 hours together without a device?  Unplugged?  Perhaps you already do this, but it seems like more and more often I hear of couples who are not really taking the time to put their devices aside for some REAL quality time.

Now imagine setting a night to do this once a week!  Bam.  Intimacy is more likely to happen.  Real love – emotional and physical is more likely to occur.

Just like our kids need eyeball breaks and breaks from screen time, so do adults…

What would you do while unplugged?  What would you say to one another? Would you look into each other’s eyes for longer than just a glance?

Would you pull out scrabble and make some popcorn?

Or sit on your front porch barefoot and dream about your bucket list?

Perhaps you might even end up staring at each other and then making out….

I was recently working with a couple where the husband complained that even when the kids go to bed and he and his wife could have quality time, his wife goes on her phone and he feels that this is not conducive to having a connection.  Understandably, his wife has been with the kids all day and wants to just indulge in some candy crush or Instagram, but still…

His wife said, “what would we do together?”  It was as if the couple had not been unplugged in a while, so this was a novel idea…

If you haven’t had a few hours unplugged lately, it might seem challenging at first… but the rewards are there to be had.  Not just for your EYEBALLS, but for your HEARTS and your relationship connection.

Maybe you are nervous about what you will do together.  I suggest you have a box in your house where you can each put ideas of things you could do together during your Weekly Night Unplugged.

I would always suggest that you each tell the other a couple of things you appreciate about each other from the previous week and give each other a good neck or foot rub.  If you need some conversation starters or some other ideas to spice things up, you can try downloading the Gottman Card Deck by going to your App Store.

But don’t stay on the App!  Just write down your ideas before your Unplugged Time and then enjoy looking at each other and trying out your new ideas, – no looking at your device allowed 🙂

You are fortunate to have a mate, a partner, a significant other.  I hope you can see their unique beauty and focus on it.

For more ideas on how to improve your relationship connection and communication, we would love for you to schedule an appointment with one of our Relationship Repair Associates.



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