Is the Relationship Repair Counter a TED talk idea worth spreading?

Yippee!  I have a TED talk nomination to spread my idea about having a Relationship Repair Counter for all personal and workplace relationships…. (kind of like a customer service counter, but much cooler – because you are repairing very important relationships with the people whom you love most deeply).

Most of you know I am super passionate about teaching the steps to respond to relationship complaints at the RRC (Relationship Repair Counter).  The idea came from me simply trying to find a creative approach to help couples to NOT be defensive and instead, I started to using the metaphor of having a Customer Service Counter for your relationships.

Some of you have either seen me speak about the RRC on a stage or you have sat with me in my therapy room while we worked through the proper steps to resolve the complaints of a loved one.

Either way, a couple of other nominations couldn’t hurt… I only need one.  But, having different perspectives of how using the RRC has helped you have a breakthrough in your life – or why you think this metaphor is a novel idea worth spreading – might just help the idea spread.

Literally.  Through a TED talk, “IDEAS worth spreading”

If you have 5 minutes and would be willing to help the idea spread via an online TED talk nomination, that would be awesome!

And, if you were to send me an email with a couple of comments about your nomination, I would love to be able to personally thank you for nominating the RRC.



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