Is There A Silver Lining?

After many conversations during the past week with clients and associates at my Relationship Repair Shop, I have been focusing on having a positive mental attitude about the effects of the Coronavirus on my household and business.

Not smooth sailing…  I went from denial, to bargaining, then to anger, and now into full acceptance that social distancing and threats of contamination are actually happening!  LOL.

It doesn’t feel like there is a Silver Lining to all the uncertainty, and I am sure that some families are feeling more financially and mentally stressed than others, depending upon their particular situation.

However, I am working to change my mindset and attitude that perhaps there is a silver lining?

Social Distancing doesn’t seem to include Emotional Distancing for most people.  In fact, neighbors are checking in on neighbors…

And families are being forced to spend more time together at home.  Our household has already found a bit more time for an additional family movie night, Uno, some extra sleep, and some household projects.  Instead of running out to lacrosse games and track practice, we are spending a bit more time talking at the dinner table!

Now that some of the shock is wearing off about what is happening, I am considering what conversations we might have during this time that could help us feel closer.  Perhaps we can take advantage of this additional time at home to become closer and more connected.

This reminds me of time growing up on the farm.  There wasn’t as much entertainment outside of the farmhouse, so we played Sorry and Hide and Seek and went for long walks and baked cookies.  That is what I am going back to during this time, and I hope you can too!

Clients are continuing to have therapeutic conversations over videoconference, and I pray that will continue.  Because more emotional connection and showing more care to one another just might be one of the only Silver Linings from the effects of the coronavirus…

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