It’s A Family Affair!!!

It’s confirmed – my husband Brendan and at least one of my sons (hopefully both) will be at the Relationship Repair workshop with me on Saturday night.  (See picture below, aren’t they cute???)

This is not your typical (yawn) workshop.  Instead, think stories, music, laughter, role plays and more….

My family will be role playing how we use Relationship Repair on a regular basis in our house to keep our love healthy and strong.

When people learn that I am an author and they hear about my book, Relationship Repair for Couples, they often say, “thank goodness we don’t need that, our relationship is good…”

And that becomes the perfect opportunity to explain that Relationship Repair is not about Repairing Relationships when they are in trouble and on the verge of divorce.  Everyone needs to have a Relationship Repair Counter – I use the stuff I teach people every day in my own family and business life!

You see… small relationship repairs are required every day in our communication.  Research shows that many people are missing out on opportunities to strengthen relationships with small repairs that lead to Relationship Success, Security, and Deep Ever Lasting Love…

There is still room for more registrants, but do not delay… it’s filling up – on Monday I learned there were already 90 registrants!

Bring the people you know to learn some new communication tools for your relationships.  Invite your friends and loved ones – after all, it’s a family affair!  Register Here



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