Meet Me In the Family Room on Sundays!!!

Hi, It’s Terrie Tyrie here.  I am one of the Relationship Repair Associates ,and I have my own Relationship Repair Location in Maple Lawn!  One of the strategies I have helped some of my clients to implement is a family meeting…

Throughout the week family members each have their own agendas:
Work, school, activities, friends etc. There are days we are all so busy
we barely get a chance to say “hello”.

My family started family meetings when my kids were in elementary school. My husband and I
wanted to start paying them an allowance for chores to help them
understand the value of money and work ethic. So, we scheduled the
first of our family meetings. These meetings evolved with the family as
the children grew and new problems arose, i.e. sharing a vehicle when
they began to drive.

How do parents get the family on the same page with problems or to
make changes to the household? I believe the answer is a family
meeting. At work we call everyone involved into a conference if you
need to solve a business issue why not do the same for a family:

Here are some tips for starting effective family meetings…
1. Set a time that everyone will commit to being together.
2. Review the next weeks schedules: practices, work, school
functions, rides etc.
3. Everyone gets a chance to present their problems. Set up a
suggestion box for members to put their issues in to talk about
during the next meeting.
4. Discussion on how to make changes to improve the problem.
5. Teach constructive criticism by pointing out what is going well and
what needs more work.
6. Give compliments for the members that have made positive
7. Remember to celebrate the family’s victories.
8. Set up a time to meet next week to check in to see how the
improvements are working and to discuss any new issues from
the suggestion box.

A family meeting can provide opportunity for communication,
teamwork, and problem solving, which will teach great life skills for
your children to take with them into life!



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