Our Coronavirus Procedures Include Telemedicine and Taking a Deep Cleansing Breath!

We encourage you to take deep cleansing breaths as you go through the worries of this upcoming week.

All our locations in Laurel, Maple Lawn, Owings Mills, Upper Marlboro, and Annapolis are still open with videoconferencing options available for clients who are quarantined at home.  Most health insurance plans will not pay for a therapy session over the phone; however, they will pay for your online video session through your computer or smart phone at home.

For clients coming into one of our locations, we have taken steps to clean and disinfect surfaces and to have hand sanitizer and paper towels available for hand washing.

I respect that each person and each family is having their own unique challenges and stressors related to the coronavirus emergency.

For example, you may be feeling more anxiety than normal due to your fears about sickness.  I have successfully helped many people who have specific phobias and fears about getting flu or virus symptoms.  Also, if you have an elderly or sick family member near and dear to your heart, you likely have concerns about their welfare and keeping them protected.

Some families, including some small business owners, may be experiencing more fears about their finances at this uncertain time.

Other people with children may need many deep cleansing breaths each day simply because their children are home from school for two weeks!

After more than a few cleansing breaths myself – I have decided to accept this unplanned break and roll with the punches.  We are currently having a pajama morning and watching Annie!  I am taking a few days off next week so I can hang out with my kids and get some spring cleaning done while everyone is at home anyway.

If you are a former or new client and need to come in for some additional stress management, please reach out for a videoconference or in-person appointment.  You can easily select a therapist and a time at our easy-to-use scheduling link at www.therapyportal.com/p/drstephanie/



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