Psst…Don’t Forget Something Sweet…

Pssst…. just in case you forgot… this is just a little reminder to do something sweet for your Valentine!

I have a few clients each year who say that they do not believe in Hallmark holidays, including Valentine’s Day.  Sadly, this belief is their reason for not doing something nice for their significant other on special days.  Meanwhile, their partner is usually disappointed and tells me they would like romance, especially on February 14.  Ignoring holidays that your partner would like to celebrate is destructive to the relationship, whereas planning and celebrate holidays together (including Hallmark Holidays) is one predictor for relationship success according to research!

If you are one of  the many people who thinks Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday just for retail stores to make money, I can understand your point of view, really I can!!!  But still, I urge you to consider what you can do for your Valentine regardless.  Unless your significant other adamantly feels the same way about Hallmark Holidays – you are not off the hook!   Your significant other will probably appreciate you overcoming your cynical view long enough to get them a box of chocolates or to make them a homemade card saying “Will you be my Valentine?” with some comments about what you appreciate about your life together.

The longer you have been together, the more important it is to figure out what your partner would really like this year.  Think about your sweetie.  What is their love language?  Do they like gifts?  Do they like words of appreciation? Or physical affection?

Whatever it is… go for it!  Or even better… do all of the above- some kind words, a small gift or some flowers, relieving them from a chore they hate with a sticky note that says “I love you, so I did this for you on Valentine’s Day,” a foot rub, an invitation for a date night sometime soon…

Most important, if you value your partner, then Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate this and make sure there is some romance in your day!  I know… there are 364 other days of the year that you can also be romantic.  But, doing something romantic on such a special day just might earn you some extra points with your significant other – and plus… it will give your partner another reason to brag about you to all your mutual friends and family!

I admit that I love romance and sweetness, so it’s easy for me.  If romance and expressions of love are not your first nature, I still hope you will push yourself and go out of your way to grow in your love life.  You got this!

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