Success Stories from EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a fabulous therapy and in the video I posted today on my Facebook page , I explain more about how it works and orient clients who are interested in trying EMDR therapy to the treatment process!

In May, I treated a client with OCD. His checking behaviors were interfering with his relationship with his wife, and she asked him to get help. After only two one-hour EMDR sessions, he is no longer checking and asking her about various household chores when they could be enjoying a quiet evening together.

Another recent success story is a client who was having anger and emotional reactivity at work and with her boyfriend. After two one-hour EMDR sessions targeting memories of child abuse, she was no longer reacting with anger and everyone was noticing she seemed calmer and less irritable.

A final example was doing EMDR with a husband whose wife had an affair. She was remorseful and they were improving their relationship, but he kept having panic attacks and starting to feel jealous even at times when he wanted to relax and have fun with his wife. He also had intrusive thoughts at work, visions of her cheating on him. Only one session of EMDR stopped the panic attacks and the feelings of jealousy.

You can see in these examples how EMDR is a helpful tool for me as a Couples and Family Therapist. The individual symptoms were causing problems within the relationship – and talk therapy was not resolving the problem. However, EMDR resolved the symptoms and improved the overall satisfaction and functioning of the relationship!

If you would like EMDR therapy with Dr. Stephanie but are currently working with another therapist, many clients will have a primary therapist but just do a couple of EMDR sessions to resolve certain symptoms that may be related to a traumatic or difficult memory.  Please explore this with your therapist and reach out for an EMDR session with Dr. Stephanie by applying to be a client for EMDR therapy. 




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