Summertime is a Good Time For…

Aaaahhhhhhh, things are slowing down a bit.

Lacrosse and track are over for my boys, and most of the spring banquets and activities are finished (still about three more events on the schedule) and then we go into the lazy days of summer – time for some time at the pool and some lemonade on the back patio. We have finished up most of the homework and projects, and my daughter is home from college all finished up with her finals. Things move a big slower on the one hand, but on the other hand there is still a need for connection.  We have some vacations and experiences planned…

Summer can be a great time for creating more connections and working out problems with your kids and your significant other.

Unless your kids are on a competitive travel team during the summer, you will likely have a little more time for connection as well. Take this time to ask everyone in the family to create a bucket list of a few activities that they want to do over the summer… then try to make time for at least some of the items.

Plan some date nights with your significant other – and get outside for some R &R at a park or poolside.

And… don’t forget, that summer can also be a good time to go to therapy to work any problems you have been having. I know, it’s tempting to just completely chill out!!! However, keep in mind that it can be easier for you and your children to address some of their emotional and behavior problems without the stress and demands of a busy school or sports schedule.

As therapists, we also usually have a bit more time in our schedule for clients. As we get further into summer, we have at least a few clients on vacation pretty much every week – which means it will be easier for you to get an appointment time…

So, come on in… Summer can be healing and refreshing in so many ways… let’s add improving your relationships and relieving some pent-up emotions to your summer list as well!

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