The # 1 Thing…

I have a memory of one of my best friends from college telling me during her pregnancy that she was nervous about becoming a mother….

My response was to encourage her and reassure her that she already knew how to do the #1 most important thing in her relationships –  and if she were to do that with her children – then I was sure that she would be a wonderful mother.

What is the #1 Thing?  I will give you a clue here, but I don’t want to spoil Saturday night’s workshop… or what we will be working on in one of your next therapy sessions.  So, let’s just say it has to do with acknowledging your mistakes and flaws – in essence it is clearing away guilt and shame so you can respond without defensiveness.

From my observation, most people have a big heart and want to have better relationships, but they have emotional and spiritual blockages that get in the way…

In the book by Andy Stanley, “Enemies of the Heart,” he writes “just as a heart attack has the potential to destroy your body, spiritual heart disease has the potential to destroy you and squeeze the life out of your most valuable relationships.”

This weekend, I will be giving a sermon on Sunday morning about how guilt and shame keep people from being able to follow-through with the tools needed to do the #1 thing necessary for their relationships.

I am excited to help you unblock your heart and practice some new communication tools this weekend on Saturday night at the workshop and during Sunday morning’s sermon…

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