What Are Your Highs and Lows Today?

My high today is that spring is in the air…

My low today is that I don’t have enough time to write a really long blog post with one of my detailed stories 🙂

So, I will just give you this little icebreaker idea to get some communication and connection going in your family if you are in need of more of that…

Many families and couples are looking for ways to have more communication, so I often suggest for people to add in “highs and lows” into their dinner conversation or their discussion before bed.

My eight year old loves doing “highs and lows” during family dinner so much that sometimes when I forget to start the process, he says “Sissy (his name for my twenty year old daughter), what are your highs and lows today?”  Everyone in our family likes to be the General and the boss, but what order we go in for “highs and lows” is something that my eight year old always gets to decide!

For other ideas to connect, I also suggest that you go to the app store and download the Gottman Card Deck.  It has a bunch of questions that you can use to get conversation going in the car, at dinner, or anytime that you want to improve your emotional relationship but need an icebreaker idea to get the ball rolling!

Enjoy… and if you need more practice and ideas for emotional connection in your relationships, please Contact a Relationship Repair associate today!




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