What Mental Health Awareness Week Means To Me

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  Here’s what that means to me…

As a society, we have become more knowledgeable and accepting in recent years that people struggle with mental health concerns … Diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, autism, ADHD, and many more.  Most of us are more aware that one in five Americans at any given time is suffering from a mental health problem.

I have noticed that it has become far more common now to hear men and women, teens, and people of all ethnic backgrounds to talk about seeing their therapist.  I really didn’t hear this as much back when I started my career in 1999.

However, as my clients have complained about… we still have a long way to go before we treat mental health problems the same as physical health problems.

The source of many mental health problems is relationship problems, family problems, and spiritual emptiness which is why Relationship Repair is so essential, even if we are just Repairing our Relationship with Self!

I know all too well about the stigma.  When I post anything on social media about anything to do with marriage therapy, my business, or anything related – it barely gets any likes.  But if I post a video, I sometimes will get over 100 views but less than 5 likes, comments, or engagement.  No one wants anyone else to know they liked a therapist’s post, but they will watch the video to hear my ideas and advice.

I understand the stigma is still real.   I have been through a couple of depressive episodes in my life due to life’s challenges … and it’s not like I ran around openly telling everyone about my ailment the way I did when I have had a sprained ankle.  But then again, a sprained ankle is so much more obvious.  Which is the point, right?

This post is my part in encouraging everyone to really let this truth sink in… “People with a mental health diagnosis need acceptance, support, treatment, and interventions just the same as humans with physical health problems.”

Just today, one of my associates was telling me how much she wants to help a youth who came to only two therapy sessions.  He then stopped his appointments because family members discouraged him from continuing treatment.   His family’s opinion is that he does not need therapy or treatment despite a recent suicide attempt and being in the highest risk category for succeeding in a future attempt.

This is only one example of how mental health diagnosis and treatment are sometimes not taken seriously enough!

My clients have more difficulty getting the support of work supervisors for time off work due to a need for mental health treatment.  Whereas supervisors are much more understanding for the need to go to the primary care physician or the physical therapist.

These struggles for people to have more treatment and support when they are suffering from various mental health concerns come at a time when the anxiety and stress of many Americans is at an all-time high.

As I see it your brain is a part of your body and we all have problems.  Every. Single. One. Of. Us. If only we all could trust each other to be able to talk about those problems more openly in a Judgment Free Zone.  I know that’s not realistic but still… I can dream about it!

If you have been putting off therapy intervention but know that you need it – please Reach Out to a Relationship Repair Associate right away for an appointment in a Judgment Free Safe Zone. I sincerely hope you won’t let stigmas and societal confusion about mental health keep you from living your best life…

P.S. If you have tried previous therapies and did not get the right treatment, you can schedule a consultation with me to review what treatments you have tried.  I will help you problem solve what might be able to finally get you the relief from symptoms.  I want you to have a happy, productive life within your budget and schedule.



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