What Will People Say?

On this Memorial Day, I was reflecting upon what we say about our military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom to pursue happiness and our freedom of speech… I am thankful…

I think Memorial Day is also a perfect day to reflect upon What Will People Say About Me When I Die? I have not done this since earlier in my life, but at one point I was given the assignment to write my obituary. What would I want people to say about me? How did I want to serve others and love others?

Doing this exercise can help all of us reflect upon our priorities so I would suggest you give them some thought tonight or during the upcoming week…

What do you want your spouse, your children, and your community to say about your life?

Even if you never served in the military or made the ultimate sacrifice, what sacrifice have you made, or will you make for those you love?

Is your Relationship Repair Counter open to service the needs and concerns of people you live and work with?  Or do you become defensive…

Will people say that you brought them joy and comfort when they most needed it?

Will your loved ones cry at your funeral and lament at how much they will miss you on this earth?

If you are struggling to serve others and create loving relationships because of your own emotional pain, we are here for you.  Please contact us for some additional support and assistance…



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