What’s your “Super Bowl?”

The highlight from this past weekend was truly a life lesson that I would love to tell you about not only because it is a great story, but also because we all like to talk about our kids and spouses. Right? Are you with me on this one?

My son Luke is a 7th grader, and his flag football team Lost. Every. Single. Game during the regular season. True, this is the local Savage football league and not the NFL, but it is still a daily topic of discussion at the Knarr House. This past Saturday morning was playoffs. Brendan, my husband, has been helping to coach the team. He and Coach Kiebler and Coach Reckner decided to start having extra practices during the past couple of weeks even after it started getting dark early. I was not in the huddle, but my understanding is that Brendan’s pep talk was about how “losing builds character, but the team had built enough character.” Now, it was time to win! The team really pulled together and won both playoff games against teams they had previously lost to. Next week, Luke and his team will be in the “Savage SuperBowl.” My motivational speech (my son may have been rolling his eyes) after the game to hubby and kids was, “What a great life lesson, to be a team with some of the youngest players, and to pull ahead and make it to the championship after so many losses.” It is pretty cool when I am inspired by a group of smelly 7th grade boys (no offense, Luke and friends).

Of course, what is going on in my personal life always relates back to my professional life. Quite literally, I am often counseling people who are getting their Butts. Kicked. In. Life -Financial setbacks, relationship problems, coworkers who are bullying them, you name it. Anxiety sets in and hopelessness, but the best job that I could have in life is to see people through, helping them roll up their sleeves and keep on keeping on.

Tears and sentiment as I think about all my friends and family who know me personally. People know that I have been Losing. And. Struggling. In. My. Life. At my 40th birthday party a couple weeks ago, I said, “I have had my butt kicked a lot during my 30’s, I am glad it is a new decade. It’s my turn to do a little butt kicking.” My new website here – is just the beginning. Thanks John, Cam, and Robert Gatewood! I hope you all will follow me on my blog and on You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook during the next Decade. But more importantly, in whatever way you are losing, I wish you inspiration to put in some extra “after dark practices” and a 7th graders, fight and don’t give up attitude. Your next SuperBowl might be just around the corner!


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