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‘A child is not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lit.’ This is a Hebrew proverb that underscores the importance of proper parenting and giving sound education to one’s children. However a child can achieve his or her true potential only when he is physically and mentally fit and spiritually strong. Sound health and fitness is one of the most important requirements for a child to blossom into a brilliant personality.  At times, a child may suffer from problems related to mental health such as attention deficit disorder, depression, or anxiety. It is very important to avail the services of an experienced child therapist Laurel MD to resolve the mental health problems in your child.

A licensed child therapist will help to resolve child behavior problems at home or at school. He or she will help your child get free from self-destructive behaviors or problems with friends, dating or family relationship. This will not only enable your child to resolve such problems in case they emerge in the future but will also enable your child to get on a track for success and progress. Based on the symptoms that your child is displaying, an experienced child therapist will do a thorough evaluation of the problems and will then conduct the therapy sessions in the most suitable way.

Whether you require child and adolescent therapy Baltimore or marriage counseling you can rely on the expertise and extensive experience of Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr. She is a well renowned and licensed clinical marriage and family therapist who has been practicing as a workplace consultant and a couples therapist since 1999. Based in Laurel in Howard County Maryland, Dr. Stephanie along with her associates Sherrie Ludwick, Connie Wesley, and Tyra Berger, she serves her clients in the Laurel, Baltimore and Washington D.C.  region.  Having compassionate and down-to-earth approach and with a passion to deliver the finest quality counseling, Dr. Stephanie ensures that her clients get the best value for their money.

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