How to Help Your Child Stop Tantrums and Other Behavior Problems

‘The child is the father of man’ is a commonly used proverb that first appeared in a poem, “My Heart Leaps Up” by William Wordsworth in 1802. This proverb simply means that a person is the product of all the habits, manners and behavior that he or she experiences during his or her childhood. The overall progress and development of a child depends upon sound physical and mental health as well as the education, experience and environment in which a child grows up. When a child is having emotional or behavioral problems then the parent can benefit by consulting an experienced psychotherapist who will help to resolve the problems by providing expert counseling to the parents or child therapy.

Therapy can be helpful for diminishing the symptoms of many mental health problems including stress and anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or problems with impulse control . If you are in Baltimore, Silver Spring or in Columbia and are looking for child and adolescent therapy Baltimore then you need to get in touch with a licensed family therapist Dr. Stephanie. She has extensive experience in counseling children who have behavioral or conflict with friends, family relationships, or dating relationships.

Children who have been the victims of physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, and natural disasters are provided Play Therapy that can help them cope with the situation and decrease emotional disturbances. Dr. Stephanie along with her associates Sherrie Ludwick, Connie Wesley, and Tyra Berger provides couples therapy, premarital counseling, individual therapy and child and adolescent therapy in and around Silver Spring, Laurel Baltimore, and Columbia in the state of Maryland (MD).

Regardless of the complexity of your child’s behavioral problems you can rely on Dr. Stephanie for getting the much needed relationship therapy Columbia MD that will resolve your problems and enable you to enjoy a more peaceful family life. For more information about Child Therapy please Contact Us today!



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