Counseling and Relationship Therapy – How to Save Your Marriage

Marriage counseling, which originated in the 1920s, has gained a lot of popularity because of its potential to save marriages that are on the brink of collapse. Couples who were facing psychological and relationship issues have found ways to put aside their differences after marriage counseling. Counseling has become quite common among couples who are looking to marry, or who are going through a troublesome marriage.

How does a marriage counselor help save a marriage?

A marriage counselor approaches problems that a couple might have from a different angle. The counselor conducts a number of sessions (prearranged with the couple) and discusses the issues with the couple together and individually. After having carefully analyzed both sides of the problem, the counselor offers solutions to help stabilize the marriage or solidify the commitment between the two people. Marriages counseling in places like Baltimore or Columbia, including at Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop offer comprehensive therapy solutions for couples.

Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy is a subset of relationship counseling, also known as couple therapy. It is an advanced version of relationship counseling that makes an effort to recognize and to manage troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship.

Solution focused relationship therapy

There are many reasons why problems might crop up between couples. The most predominant one is emotional stress and symptoms of withdrawal from communication and responsibilities. Solution-focused therapy is one of the therapy methods that offers a brief set of sessions that focuses on reaching the solution for a particular problem. Relationship therapy clearly points out what the problems are, and offers resolutions and different strategies for coping and reducing emotional reactivity.

Why does anyone need relationship therapy?

A relationship therapist is many times able to salvage a relationship that is having intractable problems by helping each person understand the other’s perspective. Therapy focuses on the history of the relationship, previous problems the couple might have had (including those that seem insignificant individually but are enormous collectively) and the emotions one person has towards the other. The careful analysis of all history, problems, and emotional connection help the relationship therapist to suggest resolutions that will work for both the people involved.

Specialists like Dr. Stephanie solve the issues and give open, clear solutions to the main problems through relationship therapy.

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