Did You Remember To Talk About Your Goals with Your Partner?

What are your Goals and Resolutions for 2021? 

The New Year is a natural time to set new goals to do a cleanse, spend less time on social media, exercise more, or to find a new job…

It seems kind of obvious to talk to people about your resolutions and plans – especially your significant other – but many people do not!

Did you talk about your goals with your partner and family members?  If you did not, then it’s possible your goals (and the time you need to accomplish those goals) could end up getting snuffed out by the needs or goals of your partner or other family members.

If you are serious about achieving your goals, then it is important to sit down and talk about your plans with your partner.  Discuss how you can work together to accomplish both of your resolutions for the new year. 

Can your partner help you to carve out additional time in your schedule?  Or perhaps you can agree on paying for a household service that will allow you the time to accomplish your next objective?

Families and relationship get in a certain rhythm.  So, if you are trying to create a new habit without talking about it then this can create surprise or feelings of anxiety for a family member.  You don’t want your partner to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage your progress just because they don’t understand the reasons for your goals!

Of course, another reason to talk about your New Year’s Resolutions is so that your partner (and your therapist) can also help you to stay accountable! 

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