Private Intensive Individual Retreat


Distraction free individual therapy with a highly trained therapist


Private, serene atmosphere in a rural setting


EMDR therapy and other therapy interventions will be provided to reduce symptoms

Private Intensive Individual Retreat

Dr. Stephanie only hosts retreats, including the intensive one-day therapy retreat.  For people who are having acute symptoms, marathon therapy is a more effective way to reduce symptoms rather than traditional hourly appointments. It can be hectic and stressful for people to take partial days off work and/or to get childcare set-up to attend a weekly therapy appointment for one hour.  Then, there is managing intense symptoms between appointments whereas a full day of treatment is more likely to drastically reduce symptoms of trauma, anxiety, or depression.

During a private intensive retreat, Dr. Stephanie is able to solely focus on you without distraction; there is a focus on working through a treatment plan that is developed one-on-one to help improve your quality of life and to reduce symptoms.

Questions? Schedule a 10-15 Minute Consultation with Dr. Stephanie to ask questions about the Private Intensive Retreat!

Benefits of Private Intensive Retreat


With intensive therapy, a client can focus all their attention on healing. By the end of the day, problems will feel more resolved whereas in a traditional one-hour appointment it is more difficult for your therapist to help you fully resolve problems and treat symptoms due to time constraints.


Clients fully reprocess negative cognitions that are creating barriers in their life.  New positive cognitions are installed.


Cutting edge treatment including the Safe and Sound Protocol is used to show clients how to calm the nervous system.


Often during traditional weekly therapy, symptoms will continue to flare-up  between sessions making life more manageable.   


Your therapist is able to solely focus on you without the distraction that a regular day of hourly therapy clients brings for them as a professional. There is a focus on working through a treatment plan that is developed to help you reach your individual therapy goals and reduce symptoms.


The Retreat allows the client to have the time needed to resolve traumatic memories and difficult experiences.  It is a real struggle to be processing a painful experience and then have to stop and go back to work or go home without resolution.

Register for a Private Intensive Individual Retreat

**Intensive private retreats are held on Thursdays or Fridays only starting at  9:30am in Eldersburg, MD.  Schedule of Available Future dates can be seen online when you look at the “Request a Private Retreat Date with Dr. Stephanie”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the pricing for a One-Day Intensive Therapy Retreat with Dr. Stephanie?

Answer: The pricing is dependent upon the number of hours we end up working together to complete your therapy goals.  Some clients might finished therapeutic intervention in 3-4 hours whereas others might need 6-8 hours.  We work together until the concerns have been resolved and the symptoms have been treated.  There is an hourly fee of $225 per hour; you will pay the full amount at the end of the retreat day.  An $800 deposit is required when the retreat date is booked.  Dr. Stephanie will also spend thirty minutes before the retreat reviewing your assessment results and outlining a therapy plan in addition to thirty minutes after the retreat writing down a summary so that you can focus on your therapeutic healing and not on taking notes during your retreat!  You will receive your summary within 14 days of the retreat by mail or in your portal (your preference).

Question: What if I need to cancel?

Answer: When retreats are cancelled more than 21 days in advance, the deposit is refundable.  When the retreat is cancelled less than 21 days in advance, the deposit is forfeited.  If there are extenuating circumstances for a cancellation such as a doctor’s note for a client or someone they actively care for being ill, a death in the family, or a natural disaster then Dr. Stephanie will reschedule the retreat to one of the next available days and apply the deposit to that day.  

Question: What is the process to prepare for the Retreat?

Answer: After you book your therapy retreat, you will be asked to complete a Registration Form, Consent for Therapy, and Financial Agreement.  You will also be asked to answer some questions about your goals for the retreat and about your current problems that you are seeking help for.  In addition, you will be asked to sign up for MyUnyte where you will complete online assessments about your mental health symptoms and your nervous system.  This information is required at least 48 hours in advance of the retreat to give Dr. Stephanie time to outline a tentative therapy plan in advance of the Therapy Retreat.

Question: What does a typical Therapy Retreat day include?

Answer: The Therapy Retreat will start with Dr. Stephanie asking any other relevant assessment questions needed to finalize the treatment plan.  Then, she will review the assessment results and therapy plan with you.  Then, there will be therapeutic intervention until the various problems and symptoms have been addressed.  Dr. Stephanie will ask for you to complete follow-up assessments two weeks post-therapy to measure results.   We will likely take short breaks every 1-2 hours for movement.  A walk or movement at mid-day is suggested, so bring along an umbrella, boots, shoes, or whatever is needed depending upon the weather.  Or, bring your yoga mat…

Question: What if one day is not enough to meet my goals or reduce my symptoms?  If more follow-up is needed, Dr. Stephanie will discuss this with you part way through the Retreat, and she will suggest an additional day for therapeutic work. 

Question: What should I bring with me to the Therapy Retreat?

Answer: You should bring a water bottle, beverages, snacks, and a lunch with you.  It is best to bring in a cooler to save time; you can grab something when you are hungry.  Be sure to also dress in layers.  Bring a sweater or jacket with you in case you are feeling cold but wear a short-sleeved shirt to keep you comfortable if you are feeling warm.  There will likely be an opportunity for you to do a soothing activity while you are learning the Safe and Sound Protocol, so if possible bring a coloring book, knitting, a yoga mat, or some other activity that you find helpful to calming and grounding your body.  If you aren’t sure about this, that’s okay… this is optional. 


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