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Is There A Silver Lining?

After many conversations during the past week with clients and associates at my Relationship Repair Shop, I have been focusing on having a positive mental attitude about the effects of the Coronavirus on my household and business. Not smooth sailing…  I went from...

Welcome to two new therapists on our team!

In these uncertain times, our therapy practice is staying busier than ever.  Our mission is to help clients find meaning and manage stress via teletherapy and in-person appointments... We have two new therapists - Yolanda Hayden at the Laurel office and Samantha...

Is My Voice in The Back of Your Head?

I recently had a client tell me that when she had a decision to make, she heard my voice in the back of her head.  A reflection on a therapeutic conversation went through her mind.  She made a different choice than they previous choice that she would have made! And,...



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