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Stop Hijacking My Relationship Complaint

Hijacking airplanes, trains, and ships …. That is relatively infrequent these days!!! Hijacking Relationship Complaints, well that is another story. Many people are not paying any attention to who makes a relationship complaint first, and they give a defensive...

Do You Need Some Time for Self-Care???

As you know from my homepage at, we promote repairing your relationship with self. Every so often this means some self-care in addition to whatever therapy you are doing.  After all, it’s tough to focus on yourself without some TLC and...

Will You Accept Vanilla?

Unhealthy control can manifest itself in different ways, however in some cases it can be when a parent or spouse or a friend simply will not listen to you. Some people are so controlling of other people that they will say things such as, “you shouldn’t feel that way”...

Who is Your #1???

Today, I was working with a client who really regrets putting his parents as a priority over his wife for the first years of their relationship.  He is now doing a lot of repair work on his marriage and learning how to set healthy boundaries with his parents. When...



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