The Dr. Stephanie Show

Tune in to the Dr. Stephanie Show, Sundays weekly at 6:00 pm on Baltimore Talk Radio WCBM 680.

The show will also be distributed as a podcast and can be streamed live at Baltimore’s WCBM website.

The Dr. Stephanie Show

About the Show


The Dr. Stephanie Show gives support and advice for Americans who call in on Sundays at 6:00 pm to 410-WCB-M680 or 1-800-WCBM680.   

Dr. Stephanie believes that God, Country, and Family are under attack from a stressful culture and political extremism.  As Patriots, we need to keep our family values and our relationships strong!

Dr. Stephanie is a psychotherapist, so she understands that Extremism is a sign of poor mental health.  She can see that within relationships, people are intimidating other Americans who have different political opinions.  Not only are these attacks bad for people’s mental health and relationships –   these are ambushes upon the religious and political tolerance that America was founded upon.

Dr. Stephanie will rally Americans to defend our way of life by teaching psychological and relationship principles on her show.  She will give ideas on how American people can stand up against Anti-democratic influences and mind control – and why this is so important for our families, our mental health, and for the future of America.

Join her on Sundays at 6:00 or find her weekly podcast here!



Dr. Stephanie is seeking businesses to advertise on her show.

  • $1,400. Advertise for 60 seconds during the Dr. Stephanie show for $100/week for 13 weeks.
  •  $800. Advertise for 30 seconds during the Dr. Stephanie show for $50/week for 13 weeks.

For more info, please contact or at (301) 219-3397



Dr. Stephanie is accepting silent sponsorship and support for her show. Any amount given will be used for paid advertising to promote people to listen to her her show via WCBM and/or other media channels.

You will become a Silent Supporter for her show and its Mission.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!


Interested in becoming a guest or caller on the show?

Dr. Stephanie is seeking guests and callers for her show.

If you would like to call in with a question or be a guest on her show, submit the Guest/Caller contact form.

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