Do You Have The COVID Blues?

I have had several therapy conversations this week with clients who have the COVID blues!  Here are some of the take-aways…

1) You are not alone… Many people have the COVID blues this winter.  A less than exciting New Year’s Eve at home left many feeling down.  Some people had COVID during the holidays or were mourning the loss of someone who passed from COVID in 2020.  

2) It is good to take safety precautions, wear masks, and continue to social distance; however, we also need to balance our mental health with our physical health.  And… it is good for people’s mental health to have some social time and some time out of their house.  Period.    

For those who are less at risk, here are some creative ideas to put a smile back on your face – a trip out of the house to have dinner at a restaurant with a family member, or a walk outside (with your winter coat and hat) with a friend, or a trip to go snowtubing in the great outdoors with some friends or family members might be just the thing to lift your spirits.  

For those who are at greater risk, a drive in the countryside with your spouse or a good friend with some drive-through gourmet coffee on your way back into town might be enough to cheer you without putting you at risk.

3) The end is in sight and vaccines are on the way, so if a Therapy Appointment or some time out of the house will help you to beat the COVID blues this winter, we look forward to servicing you! 



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