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  Private Intensive Couples Retreat

Dr. Stephanie only hosts retreats, including the intensive two-day private couples therapy retreat.  For many couples, intensive marathon therapy is more effective than traditional hourly appointments.  With hourly sessions, many couples experience that they are right in the middle of trying to resolve a problem; then the session ends without resolution and partners can be upset with one another.  This can lead to additional conflict and problems between sessions.  In addition, it can be hectic and stressful for couples to take partial days off work and/or to get childcare set-up to attend a weekly therapy appointment for one hour.

During a private intensive retreat, Dr. Stephanie is able to solely focus on you without distraction; there is a focus on working through a treatment plan that is developed one-on-one to help improve your relationship satisfaction and resolve your particular relationship problems.

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Benefits of Private Intensive Couples Retreat


With intensive therapy, a client can focus all their attention on improving their relationship. By the end of the retreat, problems will feel more resolved whereas in a traditional one-hour appointment it is difficult for your therapist to help you fully resolve problems due to time constraints.


Partners learn how to repair problems with unique exercises so that they are better equipped to resolve future problems without attending more sessions.  Conflict is resolved during the longer intensive retreat so that unresolved problems are not festering and creating more fighting between weekly hourly sessions.


Partners are taught the behaviors and attitudes that help lead them to a more successful relationship.  Teaching is based upon the latest relationship and marriage research.


Often during traditional weekly therapy, issues may arise between sessions that prove to be distracting to the good progress you may have been making. The Intensive Private Retreat model of Couples Therapy decreases the chance for distraction.


Your therapist is able to solely focus on you without the distraction that a regular day of hourly therapy clients brings for them as a professional. There is a focus on working through a treatment plan that is developed in advance of your Intensive Retreat.


The Retreat allows for time to complete communication exercises with your partner that will repair your problems and improve your communication and intimacy sessions.

Register for a Private Intensive Couples Retreat

**Intensive private retreats begin on Thursdays at 9:30 am in Eldersburg, MD.  Schedule of Available Future dates can be seen online when you look at the “Request a Private Retreat Date with Dr. Stephanie”


Question: What if I need to cancel?

Answer: When retreats are cancelled more than 30 days in advance of the 9:30 am start date, the deposit is refundable.  When the retreat is cancelled less than 30 days in advance of the 9:30 am start date, the deposit is forfeited.  If there are extenuating circumstances for a cancellation such as a doctor’s note for a client or someone they actively care for being ill, a death in the family, or a natural disaster then Dr. Stephanie will reschedule the retreat to one of the next available days and apply the deposit to that day.  

Question: What is the process to prepare for the Retreat?

Answer: After you book your therapy retreat, you will be asked to complete a Consent and Information Form.  You will also be asked to answer some questions about your goals for the retreat and about your current problems that you are seeking help for.  In addition, you will be asked to complete the Gottman Checkup online assessments about your relationship.  This information is required at least 48 hours in advance of the retreat to give Dr. Stephanie time to outline a tentative therapy plan in advance of the Therapy Retreat.

Question: What does a typical Therapy Retreat day include?

Answer: The Therapy Retreat will start with Dr. Stephanie asking any other relevant assessment questions needed to finalize the treatment plan.  Then, she will review the assessment results and therapy plan with you.  Then, there will be therapeutic intervention until the various problems and symptoms have been addressed, most likely we will continue working again on Friday morning at 9:30 am unless we finish in one day.  Dr. Stephanie will ask for you to complete follow-up assessments four-six weeks post-therapy to measure results.   We will likely take short breaks every 1-2 hours for movement.  A walk or movement at mid-day is suggested, so bring along an umbrella, boots, shoes, or whatever is needed depending upon the weather.

Question: What if a follow-up is still needed after the Intensive?  If more follow-up is needed, Dr. Stephanie will discuss this with you part way through the Retreat, and she will suggest an additional day for therapeutic work. 

Question: What should I bring with me to the Therapy Retreat?

Answer: You should bring a water bottle, beverages, snacks, and a lunch with you.  It is best to bring in a cooler to save time; you can grab something when you are hungry.  Be sure to also dress in layers.  Bring a sweater or jacket with you in case you are feeling cold but wear a short-sleeved shirt to keep you comfortable if you are feeling warm.  

Retreat Location

      Pricing for Two-Day Intensive Retreat

      The cost is the same as approximately 2- 4 months of standard one-hour weekly Couples Therapy with a Highly-Trained Couples Therapist.

      The cost includes:

      • Online Gottman Couples Checkup Assessment Before the Intensive Retreat
      • One Hour of Treatment Planning in Advance of the Intensive Retreat
      • Six to Eighteen Hours of Intervention During the Two-Day Intensive (Some couples may finish in One-Day)
      • One Hour of Preparing a Summary; the Summary Will Include Agreed Upon Future Strategies and Will be Added to Your Portal Within One Week After Your Private Intensive Retreat
      • Online Gottman Couples Checkup Assessment Four to Eight Weeks After the Intensive Retreat to Measure Results
      • Report of Final Results and Summary of Your Progress Added to Your Health Care Portal 10 Weeks After the Intensive
      • Couples Pay for Time Needed to Reach Treatment Goals and Resolve Problems.  Some Couples Need only Six Hours whereas other Couples Need the Full Eighteen Hours.  The Average Time Needed is 12-15 Hours During the Two Days.  Pricing is $275 per hour; Average Investment is $2,200 to $3,850.  The Fee for Treatment Planning and Summary Writing is also $275 per hour. 
      • Deposit is Required When A Retreat is Booked.  The Remaining Fees for Each Day is Due on the Afternoon of Each Retreat Date.  
      • Insurance does not cover the cost for Private Intensive Retreats.  Many Insurance Plans Do Not Cover Marriage Counseling or the Code For Marital/Relationship Distress.  The insurance companies who do will only pay for a 45 minute session in one day, and the reimbursement rate is too low for  the time and investment into earning my Ph.D. in Marriage Therapy in addition to postdoctorate training at the Gottman Institute and other postdoctorate training from 1997-current.  

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