Fees & Insurance


Fees for Each of Dr. Stephanie’s Associates (Without Insurance) Range From $100-$175 per hour. Please Scroll Down the Page for More Information! In some cases if you have insurance, the fees are lower for some insurance plans and will only be a co-pay.

The best way to select the right therapist for your budget is to review the fees below (and the descriptions of associate therapists on our website) and then request an appointment with the therapist you think will be right for you!  If you request an appointment with one of our therapists and they are unable to accept a new client at that time, our Client Services Assistant will help you to get connected to another therapist at our practice.

Our office is pleased to provide you with a quote for the session costs using your insurance plan.  In order to provide this information, we will need your insurance information including Insurance Carrier, Member ID, Date of Birth, and the Customer Service Number on your Insurance Card. You can provide this information when you Get Started Requesting a New Appointment.  Or you can provide it over the phone by calling our main office number 301-490-1011.  

Dr. Stephanie does not provide hourly therapy; she only provides Retreats and supervises the Associate Therapists within her practice.

If you work with an Associate Therapist, please keep in mind that you will likely still receive the benefit of Dr. Stephanie’s expertise at a lower cost. She supervises many of the Associate therapists with how to help you reach your therapy goals!


Most insurances do cover individual or family therapy costs.  If you would like to use your insurance plan to help cover your individual or family therapy costs  please follow the instructions below for each type of insurance. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not cover couples therapy then please scroll down to review the Fees per session with each therapist.

Most insurance plans do cover costs for couples and family therapy.  Typically, for relationship therapy costs to be covered by insurance, there needs to be a primary mental health diagnosis on file.  If your insurance plan says it does not cover relationship therapy, this usually means that insurance will not cover relationship therapy without a primary mental health diagnosis for one of the partners/ family members.  Our practice submits claims to insurance for individual and relational therapy.  Pleasee see the information below regarding which Insurance carriers we accept.

Insurance Carriers we are In-Network with:

CareFirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield



Anthem BCBS

Insurance Carriers we are Out-of-Network with:


We are out of network and we will submit your claims to your insurance. To get a quote, please call your member services phone # on the back of your insurance card and find out your benefits for Outpatient Mental Health Services with an Out of Network Provider. You will be required to self-pay at your session the cost for your therapy, however any payments later made by your insurance company you will be refunded that amount of money. Please be advised the cost will be slightly higher than seeing an in-network therapist, however we give excellent client service.

Other Insurance Carriers:

We do not accept or process Out-of-Network claims for Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or Kaiser Permanente.  If you have an insurance that we do not accept but would like to see a provider at our practice, you will need to self-pay for the session cost.


Accepted Forms of Payment

As a convenience, our practice requires a card on file to hold your scheduled appointments and will be used to charge fees that are not paid by your insurance.  You may use your FSA or HSA card, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express with a 3.5% Service Fee added to the charge. 

Our office uses a HIPAA compliant EHR system with fully-integrated payment processing services; allowing us to securely charge and store your credit, debit, and HSA cards.  

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