Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your final steps towards deciding to be a married couple… This is such an exciting time for your relationship! Although you may be very happy and harmonious with your partner right now, it is important to prepare for the communication and conflict resolution skills you will need to be a successful couple… Our goal is to help you feel very confident when you walk down the aisle that you are prepared for the emotional challenges of married life without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Some couples are having conflict and problems before marriage that they want to resolve before they make the final decision to say “I Do.”

When you select Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop as your Premarital Counseling provider, you have the benefit of choosing one of the Best Relationship Experts in the Metro DC region. Stephanie has been interviewed about her program for couples on Washington DC News Channel 8 and on WBAL-11, in addition to being quoted as a relationship expert by Forbes, USA Today, and MSN.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling


Couples have more time to discern if this is definitely the right partner who has similar values, goals, and dreams for marriage.


Couples learn relationship techniques to help them work out future problems, and they also have an opportunity to work out any problems they have been having during the engagement and dating relationship.


Couples are shown behaviors and attitudes that help lead to a more successful marriage, according to the latest marriage research.


Couples complete the PREPARE assessment and then receive a report of their strengths and weaknesses (in addition to what they disagree on related to married life).  This allows you to objectively think about your relationship.  I will assist with resolving areas of disagreement and turning areas of weakness into strengths!


Couples learn the skills to have more peaceful, fulfilling, and long-term relationships.


Couples develop a relationship with a couples therapist, so that if problems arise after marriage they have someone objective and knowledgeable that they can turn to for help.


If a couple is unsure about marriage, the counselor will not make a decision for the couple, but will make recommendations and discuss concerns with the couple to help guide them towards making a good decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Premarital Counseling cost?

The cost is $225 per one hour session; in addition there is a cost of $75 to complete the PREPARE assessment.


When should we Start Premarital Counseling?

I have worked with clients who have a wedding date or a deadline less than a month away. Ideally, we can work at a more relaxed pace if we start 3-6 months in advance of a wedding date, but there is no exact time necessary. You can go to my Scheduling Calendar to quickly and easily schedule your first appointment and follow-up appointments.

How many sessions do we attend Pre marriage Counseling?

For most couples, three to four sessions is the ideal amount of time needed to review all of your strengths and weaknesses and to learn techniques that will help you have a successful marriage.  On occasion, a couple finds that they would like an additional session(s) to finalize their counseling goals. If after three sessions, you decide that more sessions are needed, you can certainly book additional sessions.

What happens in Premarital Counseling?

We discuss and resolve any relationship problems that you have encountered so far, and we teach you communication techniques that you will be able to use to work out future relationship issues that you will have (every couple has some).  In addition, we will resolve any areas of disagreement or areas for improvement identified when you complete the PREPARE inventory.

Do you use a Premarital Counseling Curriculum or Quiz?

Yes. Before the first session, you will take the PREPARE online relationship quiz. At your first session, you will receive the results of the Inventory, which outlines your strengths (areas of agreement) as a couple as well as your weaknesses (areas of disagreement as a couple).

What is discussed in Premarital Counseling?

The PREPARE inventory gives a report about your agreement on many typical aspects of marriage such as conflict resolution, division of labor, finances, habits, sex, parenting, religious practices, and more. All of these issues are discussed, and we recommend that you also discuss any other concerns or feelings that you are having about your relationship with your counselor.

Are weekend and evening appointments available?

Dr. Stephanie sometimes have some weekend and evening appointments available. If you have any availability to come for appointments during business hours, there are likely even more options available with a lesser waiting time.

Are there any other Premarital Resources that you provide?

Absolutely! You will also receive helpful handouts during your sessions that are relevant for your counseling. Some pastors or officiants require a letter or certificate of Premarital Counseling.  Upon request, I write the letter or give you a certificate at your final session.

I have been helping premarital couples in our Baltimore area location use PREPARE since 2006. Many couples have learned to properly handle conflicts and repair problems. This is a crucial skill that can save husbands and wives from endless amounts of heartache and pain in the future.

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