It’s Motivational Monday Again.  For my own motivation, I have been focusing on keeping perspective.  I give my motivational talk Make Your Life Matter, but what does that mean in my day to day life?  For me, it means trying to overcome any negative thoughts I have about my own life.  Sometimes I feel regretful about goals I have not yet reached.  Too often, I start to think about memories of traumatic situations I have been through personally and setbacks I have encountered.  As I get older, I wonder “Will I fully reach the goals I have set?”  “Will I heal fully from the traumas I have went through?”  Sometimes I feel frustrated about time I put into raising my children… but then again I only have a short time here on Earth.  During that time, I have devoted myself to my husband and children and to servicing my clients.  And if my focus is on Service to Christ and not on my own personal goals, making life matter takes on a whole new meaning.  When I tried to reach goals and encounter setbacks, then I am frustrated.  But when I am doing my best to serve Christ, then my personal setbacks are different.  Christ does not care if I am successful, and furthermore my own definition of success changes completely when I think about serving others instead of focusing on my personal goals.  Each of us has to define what it means to Make Our Own Life Matter, so that at the end of our days on Earth we can feel satisfied that we did the right thing.  And for me and most of us that means loving our family, being kind to people in our community, and working hard at whatever our profession is.  Sometimes my clients feel these daily actions are not enough, and quite frankly sometimes it feels like they are not enough for me too!  However, finding satisfaction and meaning in our day to day life is the essence of having a life that matters.  For me, I was reminded in church this past weekend, that serving Christ and laying down my life really is what matters most, and keeping perspective about the rewards of heaven is something that keeps me focused on What Matters Most in My Life on Earth.  So, if you are struggling with setbacks towards your goals, sometimes it’s good to think about whether or not your goals are goals that are in line with your spiritual beliefs?  Are they goals that will really Make Your Life Matter?  Are they goals that spread love?  Are they goals that service others?  Are they goals that will lead you to heaven?  If not, then I hope you will consider tweaking those goals as I have….

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