Couples Sharing Adult Traditions and Dreams

How many other couples out there feel that they are sprinting to the finish line at the end of the December marathon?  Christmas band concerts for the children.  Christmas parties.  Christmas shopping, including driving older children to get their shopping done.   Cards.  Wrapping.  Lines at the Post Office.  The Meals are Planned for Christmas Day and the Presents for the Kids Are Under the Tree!  We have been sprinting and we definitely are all out of breath.

Despite my complaints about being sooooooo tired, I Love the Christmas season!  And now that it’s finally almost here, I am ready to indulge in some adult traditions!  December can make it difficult for couples to have quality time.   It is so important to have some fun adult Christmas activities and traditions, to not making the holiday break completely child-centered.  What are your traditions as a couple?  If you do not have any, here are some ideas for creating adult traditions to enjoy the holidays.  You know, we adults have an inner child too!

During my training with the Gottman Institute, the research findings for relationship success have emphasized the importance of couples having shared traditions and dreams.  I wholeheartedly agree, as I look forward to some of our traditions just around the corner:  opening one present on Christmas Eve, curling up under the blankets to watch a new movie with some hot chocolate, sipping some Grand Marnier with hubby in front of the fireplace, and indulging in dessert.

So, I hope all of you couples out there will cherish your time together after the marathon.  And I hope you will be merry and enjoy your past traditions.  But my Christmas wish for you this year is to be spontaneous and to start a new tradition.  I look forward to hearing about in 2015, along with your other relationship success!



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