Don’t Forget…


Don’t forget to cover your bases for Mother’s Day tomorrow.  LOL.


I will send out a similar reminder for Father’s Day, and of course I did my Valentine’s Day reminder!


Last night, I was meeting with a couple who have a six-month-old baby… so this is their First Mother’s Day.


I was joking that the father needs to be the woman’s love slave.  And of course, he took that connation the way most men would!


But that’s probably not the type of love slave the Mother has in mind!  Right ladies?  More likely, the mother of your child wants you to slave away putting mulch in the flower beds and completing some other household chores.


In case you didn’t grow up in a house where mother was pampered on the second Sunday in May, the tradition is for you to watch the kids so that she can have some quiet time, and of course she will love a card, some flowers or chocolates, and a nice breakfast or dinner at home or somewhere out (if your family doesn’t mind braving the crowds and people)!


But most importantly, don’t forget to look her eyes and tell her you appreciate what she contributes to your family (whatever paid or unpaid labor she does to show love to the family and the children).


Quick story, my teenage son gave me a big hug on Tuesday night and said, “it shouldn’t take thinking about getting ready for Mother’s Day to remember to tell you thank you for everything you do for me, but it did.”  My heart melted.  Those words with the hug were even better than when he and my husband helped to mulch my flower beds two weekends ago.


If it’s hard for you to say the words and look her in eyes, then make sure you write it in her card.  That will make her day (along with being her slave and getting her gifts and making sure she gets a day off from cooking).


Seriously, don’t forget…I don’t want to hear any stories in my office next week about how disappointed and unappreciated your wife or mother is feeling!



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