Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation in Your Relationship

Gratitude means counting your blessings, paying attention to the simple things in life, and acknowledging everything that has been given to you. This means that you make a conscious effort to see the small miracles that occur everyday in your life. When you focus on being grateful, you stay in a positive mind frame.  In addition, psychological research has shown dramatic life improvement can stem from the practice of gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier, it strengthens relationships, improves health, and it reduces stress.
Marriage research by Dr. Gottman and colleagues has found that showing appreciation and gratitude for one’s partner is an important building block for relationship success.
Often times, we may have moments where we feel a sense of gratitude for our mate but that does not necessarily mean that we express and demonstrate gratitude.
Here are some ways you can show gratitude in your relationships:
~Write a thank you note
~Take over the chores for the day
~Start a couples journal together
~Learn more about your partner’s hobbies
~Laugh together
~Be the first to apologize
~Be a good listener. Show that you value what they say.
~Plan a date!
~Tell your partner how much they mean to you.
~Talk about the  positives in negative situations
~Remind them what an important role they play in your success
~Praise them in front of others
~Make sacrifices- turn off the phone, internet or TV and give them your attention
~Cook their favorite meal
It’s no big surprise that being grateful is an essential part of building and sustaining a healthy relationship. These life changing small everyday acts of gratitude will bring your relationship to a new level and infect all the other aspects of your partnership as well!



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