Holiday Relationships – How to Cope with Stress and Get Free Advice

Just this week, I had two personal family members and friends call me up for advice on family problems they are dreading during the holidays! This got me thinking that I should devote my Relationship Repair Shop radio shows on December 16 and Dec 23 to holiday advice questions or to just being able to  share feelings you are having during this holiday season – good or bad.  I invite you to call in to my Radio Show and share your good will or your grief during this time of year which definitely brings up strong emotions for everyone!

Most people during the holidays feel a sense of holiday cheer and most people look forward to spending more time with family and loved ones.  However, nearly half of all Americans also have more stress regarding family relationships.   Research shows, in particular, women feel more stressed around the holidays not only because of additional holiday responsibilities such as gift buying, party hosting,  and cookie baking but because women want to have good relationship connections.  Yet, many people around the holidays still have conflict and repair problems.  There are also years when people are simply not feeling as happy during the holiday season because they are grieving a loss or wish they could provide a better Christmas financially.  My Radio Show here in Maryland provides free opportunities for Psychotherapy Baltimore on the air.

Here are a few tips for this holiday season to help you have less drama and avoid Jerry Springer moments during your family gatherings!

  1. If you are having stress about a particular relationship, get objective advice and talk about it before the holiday. If you hold in your frustrations – they are more likely to come unbottled during an inopportune moment (like Christmas Day with the family).  Instead find a friend, coworker, or even a hairdresser to talk to.  And of course, you can call into my Radio Show or Schedule an Appointment for Psychotherapy Baltimore.
  2. Try some Relationship Repair before the holiday arrives.  If you are having tension with your significant other or your parent or adult child, ask them if it’s possible to sit down and try to resolve it before the holidays.  Just think of how much happier (and less tense) your holiday will be if your Relationship Repair Counters were open and you found that ideal resolution before you started family time.
  3. If you are grieving during the holidays, find a grief counselor you can talk to.   You can go to Psychology Today or Breakthrough to find in-person or online counselors in your area.  Trust me when I tell you that you are not alone.  The holidays are not a happy time for everyone,  but it’s good to have support people in your life because most people feel they do not want to burden family or friends during holiday gatherings with their grief, and yet it’s hard to go to holiday gatherings and not feel your grief – so make sure that you find a counselor or a good friend to talk with regularly during the next couple months.
  4. Ask your significant other or family members what will make the holiday most special for them.  Focus on what they ask for, not on whatever your preconceived ideas are about what your relationship should like like during the holidays.  Often times we can stress ourselves out creating a work-intensive menu or purchasing more gifts when  our family member really would just like to take a hike in the woods and then have some chili soup by the fire.  Listen to what would really make your holiday time off special and plan accordingly – especially if the plan is actually less stressful!
  5. Last but not least, focus on telling everyone you love how much they mean to you and show appreciation for the talents and strengths of each person in your life.  Doing this can ease tension and negativity, and make the holidays truly a time of good will and holiday cheer!

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