Happy Couple University Launching in March

I am getting ready to launch my online course Happy Couple University in Two Weeks – “Where Happy Couples Find Deeper Intimacy and Unhappy Couples Fall In Love Again in 60 Days or Less!”  If you know people who would benefit from this type of course, would you like to be an Affiliate?  You will earn 50% from anyone you sign up!  (About $20 per month per person)

I have designed this course with Every Couple In Mind.  It includes numerous videos and handouts of the information I teach people in counseling every day but for a fraction of the cost – and easier for people to access from their laptop or smart phone.

  1. Happy Couple University is affordable – only $45 to enroll.  I want every couple who wants to improve their relationship to be able to afford this program.
  2. Happy Couple University has videos showing What To Do and What Not To Do with typical communication problems.  People seem to be able to understand better how to improve their communication when they can see exactly What To Do with a visual example
  3. Happy Couple University is for Every Couple.  Couples Who Are Already Happy and Satisfied But Who Want to Deepen Their Intimacy Can Do So By Following the 8 Week Program.  Couples Who Are Unhappy or In Crisis Can Follow The Same Program to Repair Their Relationship.
  4. Happy Couple University is meant to help all couples heal problems and to keep future resentments from building up and getting worse.



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