Have You Given Up?

I just had a session with a couple earlier today who was worked with two other marriage therapists before coming to work with me.  We had a productive session, but only because I intervened and stopped defensiveness and criticism.  When the husband or wife started to get off track to tell me about another problem before we had resolved the one at hand, I did not allow it!

It is important to me that people leave the session feeling that they have accomplished at least one thing – resolved at least one problem, healed at least one wound that they have experience in their relationship communication.  Usually, we can resolve several problems in one session; however, my focus is one at a timeWe can build on that… and it generally gives my clients hope!

At the end of today’s session, I asked the question “Does This Feel Different.”  I got a resounding “YES!” from both partners.  Yeeeessssss!

I am telling this story because this is a regular occurrence.  People who have been to past therapy that didn’t work.  If you have tried past therapy, and you are suffering in your relationships or with emotional symptoms because you are nervous to try a new therapist; please reconsider.

I get complaints all the time from clients who went to a previous therapist and that therapist did not even give them any confidence that they could ever get well or that their relationship satisfaction could drastically improve!  Talk about a recipe for more depression!

For example, I have an individual therapy client now who was struggling with terrible symptoms of panic attacks, insomnia, and depression.  Her previous therapist just listened and gave her no direction; nothing to try different between sessions.  No intervention during the therapy session.  No trauma prolonged exposure therapy.  No cognitive affirmations.

This is unthinkable to me.  I am getting paid to help people heal and diminish their symptoms and problems, not to stay the same week after week with no hope of improving!

I have heard many, many people tell me their therapist did not even give them hope that they could feel better!  Some clients think if they are depressed or anxious then they are doomed to feel anxious and depressed, suffering with their “mental illness” forever!

No, No, No.  You can be healed.  Your symptoms can be relieved.  I want the opportunity to try!  I like the challenge, and if I can’t personally see you then I supervise my associates – and they come to me when a client is not making progress and improving, so we can figure out what the heck is going to help YOU feel better.

I hope you have not had a difficult experience with a previous professional, but if you have, please do not give up!  You can schedule an appointment at anytime at this scheduling link: http://www.therapyportal.com/p/drstephanie/



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