Help During The Holidays – You Are NOT Alone. Our Holiday Hours…

If you are anticipating that you will be stressed, grieving, or depressed during the holidays… you are NOT alone.

Many, many people have increased stress, grief, and emotional reactivity during the holidays.  Family tensions can get worse during this busy season with high expectations, so people sometimes seek individual or family therapy for assistance resolving emotions and conflict with family members.

For people who are grieving a loss, this time of  year can be particularly painful and can even rekindle old traumatic wounds.  Many of my clients who are grieving or who are engaged in trauma therapy can feel very lonely.   Clients who are grieving and in despair don’ t want to bring others down by talking about their pain during holiday parties and events.  So, they end up feeling alone and suppressing their feelings throughout these holiday events … or they just stay home and end up being isolated.

Not only are you not alone in the sense that many people are suffering during this holiday, you are literally not alone!  We are here to help, and you can schedule a needed therapy session between now and the end of the season.

Of course, many of our customers who are already engaged in therapy may have some extra time off work during the holiday time period.  If you are not traveling, we can squeeze in an extra appointment to continue progressing forward towards your therapy goals!

All of this put together means we think it is important to have therapists available to see you during the holidays.

We are closed on December 25 and on January 1, however we are open all the other days throughout the holiday season with at least one therapist who can see you most days.  You can schedule an appointment at your convenience via our easy to use online therapy portal.






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