How Positive Was Your Therapy Experience At Our Relationship Repair Shop?

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to have a positive therapy experience.  There is nothing worse than having the courage to seek out a therapist, taking time out of your schedule, going to your appointment … only to not have a positive experience or get the help that you need!

If you have had a negative experience, please Contact Me right away.  As the owner, I want to find a way to resolve what happened.

More likely, I trust that you had a very positive experience with your therapist at one of our locations.  If so, please RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE!!!

Your positive reviews can help other people who are looking for a therapist to find our private practice.  We love to hear that our customers received a positive and helpful service.

In my own work with clients, I have worked with many clients who have had previous negative experiences with other therapists before they find our practice.  In some cases, the therapist did not give them enough direction or strategies to help them create change.  In other cases, the provider did not really listen or show enough compassion.  In still others, the therapist did not review possible treatment options.

As I said, I trust that we are doing well for most of our clients but please also be sure to advise how we can improve via direct contact to me.

I am all heart when it comes to servicing customers… Dr. Stephanie



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