How to Encourage Your Significant Other or Child to Start Therapy

Mental illness represents one of the biggest financial burdens of any health issue in the world.  450 million people worldwide suffer from mental health conditions with 60% not receiving care. The majority of people hold negative attitudes and stereotypes towards mental illness and emotional problems.
Whether the loved one you are encouraging to see a therapist is suffering from a mental issue,  addiction, or stressed out from going through a hard time, – it can help to tell your loved one that what they feel is normal.  Remind your friend or loved one that many people of their age, gender, ethnicity, and nationality with similar struggles can and do attend therapy without stigma or shame.
Here are some tips for you to use to help encourage therapy:
1) Say to them” “I would like you to go to an appointment at least one time and see if you like your doctor/therapist.  Then you can think about if you want to go back.  Would you be willing to go at least for that first appointment?”
2) If they are reluctant, tell them that  you have scheduled the appointment and let them know when it is.  Tell them you would like them to go, and if they refuse,you can say “I am going to go myself to talk to the doctor about how I can help you with your problems.  I would prefer that you go to talk to the doctor yourself, and I hope you will think about it and change your mind.”
3)  If this is your child – you can always try bribing, or threatening to take away a resource or privilege.  Do what you can to get the process started!
4) Show them that you support them- Hearing you say that you support them may help to reassure your loved one that there aren’t any real stigmas attached to therapy.
5) If you have other friends or family members who have benefited from therapy or other mental health treatment, have them talk to your loved one about their experiences. Sometimes people just need to know know what they should expect from therapy sessions.
Please contact us for more information about therapy services.
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