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I am having so much fun giving interactive keynotes and workshops!  In two recent workshops my audiences were married and dating couples.  I used a program called Conveyour so that my audience can go to a link on their smart phones during the presentation.  Audience members answer questions, and my audience gets to see the answers in real time.  This helps me as the presenter because I know what my audience is thinking about the content of my presentation and they do not have to raise their hands.  I get it that sometimes people do not want to expose what they are thinking about their marriage and personal relationships, so this is a great tool!  To see a picture of the interactive survey that I used with a recent audience, please go to this link:

Based on clinical observation and research knowledge, I suspected that most people do not feel great about how their significant other responds to relationship complaints at the Relationship Repair Counter™.  Now, I am getting verification with the help of my audiences that approximately 75% of people think that they are getting ineffective Relationship Repair when they file a Marriage Complaint at their partner’s Repair Counter!  My marriage and family programs help to solve this problem, teaching people how to respond more effectively by following steps similar to a Customer Service Representative, but within a Romantic Relationship.  And, this is fun!

People know how funny these relationship complaints can be (except when they are not funny – if you know what I mean), and I am finding out that all my audiences are cackling and howling when we practice the Relationship Repair Customer™ onstage!  I had no idea how beloved the role plays were going to be.  I started doing role plays last year, and the event planner Cathy recently said her favorite part of my recent speaking engagement was the role play.  People have said this is when my audience really gets to see me at work.  The most real and authentic Dr. Stephanie that is at work every day in my private practice Relationship Repair Shop comes to life onstage.  I am not teaching a presentation, I am interacting with people who are trying to resolve relationship conflict just like I have been doing for the past 15 years!  Thank you so much to all of the awesome volunteers who take a risk at each event to come on stage and role play!  You are the best!  Check out video of an interactive live role play on my speakers page at:






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