It’s A Miracle…

I get to help work miracles every day using EMDR therapy…


It’s not really me as the Doctor that works the miracle – or even God. So, it’s not really a miracle although it sure seems like one. Despite the miracles that are reported in my office every week by clients, many people have never heard of EMDR therapy and do not know what it is.


EMDR therapy is a form of prolonged exposure therapy that uses eye movements to stimulate both sides of the brain while reprocessing a target memory that is causing trauma and anxiety symptoms.


Case example:

Client was physically assaulted and suffered a medical injury – following her assault she had insomnia, panic attacks, hypervigilance, muscle tension, and tearfulness every day. Three weeks later before EMDR she was exhausted from lack of sleep and crying every day.


Talk therapy helped her feel emotionally supported but did not give her relief from her symptoms.


After only one EMDR session, this client came back to her follow-up session saying she slept like a baby the night after the session and all week long she slept well and felt relaxed. She reported that she had not cried since the EMDR therapy session!


She was also able to think about her trauma memory and no longer felt distressed. This kind of miracle is very common after EMDR therapy for someone who has had a one-time traumatic incident. However, in other cases where a patient has had multiple traumas over a longer period, it takes longer to see results.


In this case example, the client sought treatment right after her assault, so she only suffered for three weeks – however I have clients who suffer for months or years needlessly with trauma symptoms.


If you are someone who has trauma symptoms and you are ready for a miracle, please Contact my office. An associate will meet with you to gather your history and then I will provide your EMDR therapy.



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