Love the One You Are With

So, last night I was on the phone talking with my Mom.  My Dad came up to the phone to say, “Steph, it was exactly 48 years ago today when your Mother and I had our first date – and our first kiss in front of Mrs. Klug’s house.”

I have heard this story before, and it’s a sweet story every time I hear the details of their first date.

What’s even better about this story is the fact that my parents went through so many challenging times, and I know for a fact that sometimes they had a hard time loving each other during stress or when they were struggling with differences in their personalities.  But they still have a sense of enduring love, happiness, and fondness for their memories and their story.

That gets me thinking about how inspiring it is to find out about the stories of other couples: how they met, when they fell in love, why they were drawn to one another.  Anytime a couple who has been together for several years still acts like they are in love it is an inspiration.

Why?  Because it’s easy with stress, financial problems, sickness, and LIFE to forget to Love the One You Are With.  To continue to honor your beginning, your happy moments, your love together… that takes commitment and loyalty and work.

The first time I met my husband I felt that “he was the one.”  I remember what I was wearing, what he was wearing.  I even remember some of the questions he asked me and the first comment that told me know he was pursuing me.  In the middle of raising our children and paying bills, sometimes I forget to appreciate my sweetie and focus on all the reasons I fell head over heels in love.  But it’s so important to remember…

Think about “Why did you fall in love with your significant other?”  What drew you to him or her?  What were the positive qualities they had then and still have now?

Now… I challenge you to tell your sweetie again how much you appreciate those very same qualities all these months and years later!  Retell your story and honor the first date, the first kiss, the first time you knew “they were the one.”  This develops trust, security, and attachment in your relationship.  It can be the basis for so much love and happiness in not only your life, but the lives of everyone you touch.

Who knows, telling your story could just inspire another couple to remember their beginning, and admire one another’s strengths instead of focusing on the negatives, bringing them closer together…

We each want our partner to accept and love us for our positive qualities, our strengths.  We desperately want our partner to cut us slack when it comes to our weaknesses and our human mistakes.  And I believe that when we generally focus more on our happy times, our positives, our strengths and less on our failings and flaws, we are loving each other.

Love the One You Are With!



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