My Sweetie’s Birthday

It is  my husband Brendan’s birthday!  This is a picture of my Sweetie Brendan and me at a St. Jude’s Hospital Fundraiser in New York a couple years ago, hosted by Eric Trump.  Many of you may not know that my husband sells large steel buildings, and he sold a building to Eric back in 2014.  It was a really fun evening, great food, and we spent time with a family whose child was in remission from cancer.

I am so lucky to be married to Brendan.  For one thing, he works so hard selling American Steel to support our family.  We both work hard, but he puts in longer days than I do (I need more sleep to feel good each day).  He has always supported my dreams for my business.  The best thing about Brendan is that he gets right in there and does everything with me from advocating for all three of our children, helping with interventions for our child with autism, and cooking on the weekends so I can help more people in my private practice. But the best thing for me is that I trust him to be there for me, for us, and that he will always work out problems with me even if sometimes it takes us a few times discussing something to get it fully resolved.  (We are both Type A personalities and a little stubborn).

I remember back in graduate school studying to be a Marriage Therapist, I read a book called Peer Marriage about the benefits of having an equitable partnership.  At that time, I thought I would never have the kind of supportive partnership that the book described!  However, now I feel that Brendan and I have created a Peer Marriage!  We both support each other’s careers and dreams… as well as dreams for our family.  We still have obstacles we are overcoming – our life and relationship is far from perfect – but I trust we will figure it out in together in this journey called life….

I am getting dinner ready for tonight to celebrate when he finishes traveling from up North.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t get stuck in traffic!  Love you sweetie!



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