Planting Seeds

Today, I have been reflecting on how important it is to plant seeds. Reason being is that I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for the upcoming marriage seminar that I am co-hosting with The Foundry. In honor of National Marriage Week, we are inviting you to Forever Yours: A Celebration of Relationship Success for Couples and Singles. It is on February 8, 2015 at Mosaic Christian Church in Elkridge, Maryland and you can register at

All of these seeds that have been planted years ago are coming together! Now, if I told you about who planted the seeds and who watered them and who the hero is, then I would be giving away some of the interesting stories to be heard on February 8. I would rather keep you in suspense. . .

What I will tell you is that right now I am just thinking about how clients I saw years ago referred people to my practice who are ultimately now supporting the seminar. There are volunteers from two churches, support from my associates, my clients are signing up, and people whom I have never met but who know people that I have planted seeds with. It feels like the blossoming of seeds planted in the past decade as a professional. Awesome!

And there are also the seeds planted by my husband, who is still supporting my dream to keep working on this Forever Yours event though the road to get here has taken us nearly 4 years. And the seeds that were planted by my parents as a child and throughout my life are coming to fruition in a powerful way. This really is a celebration, and my Dad is coming out to speak with me. The successful marriage and business of my parents is a part of why Forever Yours is going to happen! On February 8, it is going to become very apparent to you how planting seeds is now going to effect change among not just 300 people. Because one positive marriage worth celebrating can effect change among hundreds and thousands of people, including how the couple’s children touch the lives of others.

Right now, I am happy to say that 48 out of 300 people have signed up! Lets Raise the Roof everybody! Please tell your friends and family. Ask your spouse to come with you. Encourage another couple to plant some seeds and pour some life into their marriage! I guarantee you are going to leave Forever Yours inspired and focused on having the right service attitudes for success in your romantic relationships. YOU are worth celebrating, and I am waiting in anticipation for the party!

To Your Relationship Success,
Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr



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