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Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop Promotes New Relationship Quiz for Couples

How To Have Less Drama and More Success in Your Personal Relationships

LAUREL, Md.Sept. 29, 2015PRLog — Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop is announcing the launch of its new online Love Life Relationship self-assessment quiz.  Dr. Stephanie, a national relationship expert, encourages couples to have a Customer Service Counter for your Significant Other™ – which she calls a Relationship Repair Counter™.

“Most couples have relationship complaints, and I encourage people to see these complaints as a positive opportunity to build trust and loyalty in the relationship, not as nagging or a sign that the relationship is unhealthy.”  To the contrary, healthy couples voice complaints and problems so that they can be resolved at the Relationship Repair Counter!People can go to the Love Life Relationship Quiz at to gives their partner a grade as to how effective they are at repair complaints at the RRC.  There is also a fun video on the home page showing a couple resolving a marriage complaint at the RRC during one of Dr. Stephanie’s Live Events.  Stephanie was interviewed recently on Washington DC National 8 about her Relationship Repair for Couples program.  She hopes to help minimize defensiveness and conflict and increase opportunities for couples to be successful with the free resources one her website.

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