Relationship Complaints Feel Like Lemons, But You Can and Should Turn Them Into Lemonade

So, here’s the thing, a lot of people see relationship complaints as sour, however in my opinion they can be positive so long as there are also a lot of positive interactions in a relationship.

To have real intimacy with a partner, they need to know not only your happy thought but also your complaints and irritations. Also, if you don’t bring up your complaints, then you are likely to develop resentments that can put a wedge between you and your partner.

When you bring up a complaint to your partner, it is telling them that you trust them and that you want to feel closer to them by fixing a problem or a concern that you have.

Likewise, when your partner brings up a complaint to you, there is an opportunity to TURN LEMON INTO LEMONADE. You take a mistake or a problem that you made, and if you resolve your partner’s concern by opening your Customer Service Counter for your relationship (what I call a Relationship Repair Counter), then you can build loyalty and trust.

Customers who have a problem with a business, if the problem is resolved effectively at customer service, they then have ten times more loyalty to that business for life! The same is true in your love relationships!

Love, trust, and loyalty can come from hearing and servicing relationship complaints even though it it is sour in the beginning.  You can turn the lemon into lemonade! If you need help with servicing relationship complaints and making lemonade, please do not hesitate to contact us for support and assistance!



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